Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Inspiration from Merton

In the Thomas Merton Reader I came upon an unpublished passage from the Seven Story Mountain in which Father Louis describes the preparations for Christmas Mass---Waking at 9PM after a four hour sleep for the monumental liturgy that builds up to midnight mass.  As always, Merton does not disappoint the reader who quests for insight into the mystical experience. Unfortunately I cannot paste the text here but I did find a reference to the unpublished work in two accessible links: a)Bellarmine's Merton archive and b) a blog site which gives a brief sketch of some of the passage's dramatic writing, though this author does not cite the most subtle, mystical sentences. I might have to type some passages, or scan them so that this can be read here!

a)Merton Manuscripts

b)  Intersect Blog w/ Sketch of Merton's Unpublished Work

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